Yesterday, the 50th Earth Day, seemed like a good time to take a walk through glorious Nature.  I chose the trails of the Woodlake Nature Center near my home.  The sun was warm and the breeze gentle.  Who could ask for anything more?  I didn’t design the landscape, I experienced it.  I didn’t own the property, I lived in it.  Taking in the wonder was like a gift from a realm far higher than my daily existence.

Often the focus of Earth Day is environmental activism.  Education and community work toward healing the natural world is a worthy endeavor. However, it is also important to enhance our relationship to the natural world of minerals, plants, animals; and beings and forces less commonly considered.  Rudolf Steiner suggested we go beneath the mere pleasure we enjoy in nature, that is, treating nature as an amusement park—and instead wait patiently and listen to what hidden secrets nature reveals to us.

This is a form of spiritual connecting to a greater reality that also includes our existence.  To attain this understanding, we must first let go of our immediate, personal concerns and seek something beyond ourselves.  Another clue that Rudolf Steiner gave us—if you want to understand someone or something—you must first love it.

In Unity teachings, “Love” is a spiritual impulse to unite or realize a significant connection with someone or something.  Unity Worldwide Ministries sponsors a program entitled “Earthcare.”  I hope it will become the intention of Unity South Twin Cities to participate in this program.  There will be environmental projects to support, but the first step will be enhancing our sense of connection with the beautiful creation of God.  The Creator pronounced more than humanity as being “very good”—as being the very presence of God.